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frequently asked  questions

What do I do with your dog during the day? 

This is up to you! Every wedding is different. Some dogs stay and  be part of all the celebrations whilst others go for a walk and stay somewhere quiet. We will do what is best for you and your dog. 

I have four dogs. Is that ok? 

Yes! Whether you have four Chihuahuas or four Great Danes I can help. I will just bring along a trusted team member. 

I have a pet that isn't a dog. Can you still help? 

Yes! I have experience working with a wide array of animals so if you want your horse, goat, cat or rabbit at your wedding. I can help. 

My dog is nervous of strangers.  How can you help?

I can meet and greet as many times as you or your dog needs until you both feel comfortable. 

What do you do when you walk my dog? 

I never let your dogs off lead whilst on walks. This is to keep them safe as they don't know me very well. We still play and find lots of great sniffs.

Can my dog wear a special outfit? 

Yes! You provide any special collars or outfits and I will get your dog ready just before they attend the wedding. 

If you have any other questions then please contact me.  

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